Review: Yuck (self titled)


I love Pavement. No, I love Sonic Youth. No wait, I love Belly. No wait, I love Mazzy Star. NO WAIT. SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME.  I REALLY FUCKING LOVE PAVEMENT!

That’s what it’s like listening to the London band Yuck’s debut.

And it’s sort of awesome.

Don’t get me wrong. We likely aren’t going to see another album from this quartet/quintet. EVER. The songs just aren’t there. There is no identity, at least not that I can ascertain. A “check” also on the lack of originality. What there is though is a metric shit ton of love for this material.  The members of Yuck fucking LOVE the bands mentioned above and I suspect that they want you to fucking love them to. This isn’t so much emulating the bands they love as channeling them…and the results, if you are a fan of Pavement/Sonic Youth/Belly/Mazzy Star, are sorta great.

And I am a fan.

I’d love to sit here and tear this album apart but the fact of the matter is that it’s fun. It’s fun because it’s “homage-ness” works despite itself when you consider that while some of those bands are still around, they most certainly aren’t covering the same ground that they covered in the early 90’s. But Yuck sure as hell is. And they’re doing it fairly well. 

Hold on a second for a brief interlude:

A double nerdy side note: If you believe this link, it looks like they did the whole album in Garageband. It shows….but what kind of awesome world do we live in where this is even possible now? SCIENCE!!!!!

Now back to it.

So I guess all that’s left to say about Yuck is that they are currently filling a space that apparently needed to be filled for a lot of people. This band is getting ALL of the hype right now, and while personally I’m not finding a lot to hang on to here (old man perspective…get off my damn lawn you damn kids), if I were even 10 years younger…well…let’s go with 15 years younger, this album would completely be rocking my fucking world.

So there you have it.

Yuck...voiding what could be the most obviously lame bad review pull quote in the history of recorded music by being not so yucky after all...oops.