New Releases 2.22.11 - A Styx Solo project. No. Really




So this week is looking a bit better than the last. Looks to be a lot of oldsters out this time around with efforts from Richard Ashcroft, Green Day and Duran Duran taking the BIG release slots. Throw in some Pet Shop Boys and The Strokes and you've got an week that's almost OK, it just needs something to put it over the top.

Oh wait. Found it.




So that's your stash. Put some in your earholes. I know a good bit of this stuff is active over on, a site you are going to be seeing a good bit more of on ChunkyGlasses, so check that out and until next week, avoid Kenny G at all costs.

*I'm totally reviewing the shit out of this album. For the team of course.


Acid House Kings - Music Sounds Better With You

Art of Dying (Vancouver rock band) - Vices and Virtues

Richard Ashcroft (of The Verve) - United Nations of Sound

Federico Aubele - Berlin 13

Bing Ji Ling - Shadow to Shine

Joe Bonamassa - Dust Bowl

Chris Brown - F.A.M.E.

Solomon Burke & De Dijk (Dutch band) - Hold On Tight

Edwyn Collins - Losing Sleep

Duran Duran - All You Need Is Now [CD/DVD]

Sky Ferreira - As If! [MP3 Download]

Kirk Franklin - Hello Fear

Grasstowne - Kickin' Up Dust [MP3 Download]

Green Day - Awesome As F**k [CD/DVD]

Gucci Mane - The Return of Mr. Zone 6

Jennifer Hudson - I Remember Me

If By Yes - Salt On Sea Glass

Immortal Dominion - Primortal [MP3 Download]

Josh Kelley - Georgia Clay

Keren Ann - 101

Adam Lambert - Glam Nation Live [CD/DVD]

Lonely Forest, The - Arrows

Panic! at the Disco - Vices & Virtues

Pet Shop Boys - The Most Incredible Thing: Original Score

Protest the Hero (Canadian progressive metal band) - Scurrilous

Roys, The - Lonesome Whistle

Saliva - Under Your Skin

Tommy Shaw (Styx singer-guitarist) - The Great Divide

Strokes, The - Angles