And you know what that means?


A large part of why I created this site was to try to find some way to help out artists get what they deserve by convincing you, the reader to start supporting them more. Ideologically, I'm on the fence about the pros of physical media (though I am loving rebuilding my vinyl collection) and to be honest, I'm always going to try to by directly from the artist before I go anywhere else. But the fact remains that for most, the good old record store is where you go to get your dose of ear hole stuffing, and I guess that's the way it should be. So today, the industry is making that visit a whole lot more rewarding.

So start out by heading over the official site HERE to find out what stores in your area are participating. Then follow the this link right here to help you decide which of a  virtual treasure chest of releases that are are only going to happen today you are going to try and get your grubby hands on. Some are reissues, but most are limited, and I mean EXTREMELY limited release 45's that are gonna go fast, so get out there and get to it.

Heck, I'll even BUY YOU A RECORD if you catch us up at Melody Records in Dupont Circle (DC) this afternoon, so how about that?! Safe bet, I know, but you never know who is stalking you, especially when a free record is at stake.


Now what are you waiting for. Get out there and support your favorite artist. Ozzy DEMANDS IT!!

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