Review: Dirty Gold - Roar

Depending on where you live, particularly if it’s a place that experiences dramatic seasons, your general taste in the types of things that fill your life probably changes throughout the year. One glance at the cover for Dirty Gold’s debut EP Roar in mid April would have been enough to satisfy anyone who has been experiencing a little cabin fever from the passing winter months.

The sunny, reverb infused, 60’s new wave-surfer-afro-pop (wow, did I just write that) sound
that this San Diego trio embodies has become increasingly popular in music today in bands like
Beach House and Vampire Weekend, but Dirty Gold manage to make it something all their own.

Dropping the needle on the opening track North, the synthesized xylophone and clean afro-pop
guitar might cause you to do a double take to make sure you didn’t accidentally put on the Little
Mermaid soundtrack. But as the singer breaks in and the guitar falls away, you quickly forget about the comparison, and just indulge in it. Utilizing a repetitive xylophone line and minimalist bass as the basis of the one minute and eleven second song (and this isn’t a descendents album), the song comes to an end just as it feels it’s starting to take off. But as the sounds of ocean swell and the call of the gulls fade in you aren’t going to care.

It’s that time of year, and this is the
 record you want to be hearing.

The album continues along this path to Sea Hare, the strongest song in this 5 song collection.
 Bringing the bands 60’s overtones front and center, as band couples chill surf rock guitar lines
and repetitive drum patterns to keep you locked in on this aural vacation that you're not going to want to come home from anytime soon.

Roar isn’t an album that is overcomplicated, yet still brings some fresh spices of its own to the
table. And as we thaw out of our yearly winter chill and the sun sets on our rediscovered summer
nights, you’re going to find yourself reaching for this one more often than not.

Check out the track Sea Hare below.

Dirty Gold - Sea Hare