New Releases 4.26.1 - Drugs are bad kidz

As we roll further on towards Summer, this week shaped up to be a little bit better than the last Explosions in the Sky a have a new record out which is always (usually) a good thing. The band Times New Viking puts out Dancer Equired this Tuesday which is pretty fun. I'm new to that band, but so far what I've heard has been pretty damn good, so definitely check that out. The clear winner for me though this week is the new release from Thao & Mirah, which is's good. Really good. Look for our review of that and Take Care, Take Care, Take Care a little later in then week.

Beyond those three releases there's a new Emmylou Harris and a new Steve Earle for the "roots rock" crowd. There's even a new release from Bootsy f@#ing Collins if that's more your speed. Really though it should be all about this album cover:



Your brain just melted in 40 different ways and you can't do a thing about it.

I'll go on record right now by saying that with the exception of a few bright spots scattered throughout their catalog, I find the band Of Montreal to be completely insufferable...and this album cover is why. But hey, ecstasy dealers gotta eat, right? Now GTFO my lawn!

Check out below for a full list of releases. Until next week.


Airborne Toxic Event, The - All At Once
An Horse - Walls
Augustana - Augustana
Band of the Welsh Guards, The (official band of the Prince Williams' wedding) - A Royal Tribute
Tab Benoit - Medicine
Bowling For Soup - Fishin' For Woos
Dennis Coffey - Dennis Coffey
Bootsy Collins - Tha Funk Capitol of the World
Colourmusic - My ____ Is Pink
Dirty Vegas - Electric Love
Steve Earle - I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive
Eastern Conference Champions - Speak-ahh
Endwell - Punishment
Explosions in the Sky - Take Care, Take Care, Take Care
Dylan Fox & The Wave - Tunnel Vision
Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs - No Help Coming
Emmylou Harris - Hard Bargain
Holy Ghost! (New York-based synth-pop duo) - Holy Ghost!
James Farm (jazz supergroup: Joshua Redman, Aaron Parks, Matt Penman, Eric Harland) - James Farm
Pat Jordache - Future Songs
Limousines, The (Bay Area electropop duo) - Get Sharp
Chris Marshall (Portland, Ore., artist) - August Light
Neccos For Breakfast and The Maasai Music Project - The Maasai Music Project
Not Tonight Josephine (Tampa rock group) - All on the Horizon
Of Montreal - thecontrollersphere
Rachel Platten - Be Here
Poly Styrene (former frontwoman of X-ray Spex) - Generation Indigo
Prefuse 73 - The Only She Chapters
Todd Rundgren - Todd Rundgren's Johnson
Silverstein - Rescue
Son Lux (a.k.a. Ryan Lott) - We Are Rising 
Swimclub - Funhouse for Friends
Thao & Mirah (indie-folk duo) - Thao & Mirah
Times New Viking (lo-fi indie rock trio from Columbus, Ohio) - Dancer Equired!
Vandaveer - Dig Down Deep
Jimmy Webb & The Webb Brothers (Webb with his father Bob and his three sons) - Cottonwood Farm
Wombats, The - The Wombats Proudly Present ... This Modern Glitch
Younger Brother - Vaccine
ZyniC (electropop act) - Fire Walk With Me