Daily Listen: Other Lives - "Tamer Animals

The first time I encountered this group from Oklahoma they were opening for Bat For Lashes in support of their self titled debut. Ever since then I've been anxiously awaiting anything new from the band, so it is a giant fail on my part when I learned that not only did they have a new album done, but it was out. Tamer Animals takes the groundwork that the band laid on their 2009 release and moves it further into the same "country Radiohead" territory that bands like Midlake have occupied before them.

After only 3 listens I can tell you this: This album is f@#@ing good (as expeceted). I'll have more to report later, but in the meantime why not check out the title track and just jump on in to this record along with me.


Other Lives - Tamer Animals

Other Lives will be coming to DC to play The Red Palace on June 10. It's a Friday and it's only $8 (really? WTF?) so you have no excuse not to head down to H Street and see them in a place this small while you still can. Buy your tickets NOW!!

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