Daily Listen: The Cars - Heartbeat City

The Cars released their fifth studio album in 1984 as MTV well on its way to becoming the media juggernaut that it is today..or was. With videos like "You Might Think", "Magic" and "Drive", the band was at the high point of their career and had become icons for the MTV Generation. This, the title track for the album, was never officially released, instead finding its way onto a video compilation that the band put out that prominently featured lots and lots of boobs. Alien boobs. Suffice to say 12 year old me was pleased when he pushed play on the seemingly innocuous videotape. That is until 12 year old me's folks, who were not so much with the pleased, walked in the room.

So thanks Rick Okasek, Elliot Easton, Greg Hawkes, Benjamin Orr and David Robinsin! You showed me my first live alien boob...and got me grounded. SO WORTH IT!


The Cars - Heartbeat City

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