Daily Listen: Big Star - Feel

If you don't have any Big Star in your life then you ain't got nothing. That's a fact. Look it up. Big Star was one of the best, biggest, unknown bands that have ever been. Powered by songwriter extraordinaire, Alex Chilton, they less fit into any specific genre than actually are one in and of themselves. Fuzzed out 70's rock, psychedelic explorations, gorgeous folk melodies; It's all there for you to find. NPR recently did a piece on Big Star's #1 Record that does a pretty good job of explaining what the band was all about, but really it's best that you discover this stuff for yourself and there's no better place to start than the first track off of that record. We can't post the whole record here, but there's nothing stopping you from heading to your favorite record shop, finding a copy of this on vinyl and then relaxing with a doobie with a lava lamp with some tapestries with some friends tonight while you take in a fantastic record from one of the greatest bands that ever was or will be.

Big Star
#1 Record


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