Daily Listen: Elisapie - Arnaapik

Just when you think they’ve run out of labels they come up with another one: Polar pop. The obvious reaction to this new moniker might well be a guffaw and a WTF, if it weren’t so darn appropriate in describing Elisapie Isaac’s music. Born and raised in Salluit, Nunavik (pretty much the top of the world kids!) Elisapie Isaac brings a sound that reflects what you would imagine the temperature of that part of the world to be, yet she never sounds frigid or isolated. With a haunting voice that can successfully navigate everything from indie-pop, to spooky Baldmimentian cool, to full on cabaret…and do it all in English or French, Isaac has managed to create a sound that has definite points of familiarity points, but is ultimately uniquely her. There Will Be Stars, Isaac's latest album,  comes out tomorrow and while there’s something for everyone on this subtle, pretty album, for our money the song “Arnaapik” is where it’s at.


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