Daily Listen: Cults - You Know What I Mean

Succeding where "supergroup" She and Him couldn't quite, Cults have managed to drag the 50's girl group sound straight into the future and in the process have made one of the most fun records of the year. I mean, just look at that album cover to the right. FUN!

In all seriousness, by taking elements of electronica, indie-pop and shogaze and mixing them with a healthy dose of doo-wops and handclaps, this duo, consisting of Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin, have crafted endlessly entertaining and forward looking sound that doesn't sacrifice it's "wholesome" roots in the process. 

Check out the track "You Know What I Mean" and tell me someone doesn't want to be a Vandella really, really badly.

"You Know What I Mean"


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