Alex Tebeleff of Paperhaus

The idea of a house show is nothing new, but over the past few years, Washington, DC has seen a veritable explosion in the number of highly structured alternative venues popping up in every part of the nation’s capital. On a cozy street in Petworth lies the Paperhaus, the veritable epicenter of this movement, and in it resides one Alex Tebeleff. Not only does Tebeleff play in a band that shares it’s name with the house, but he has spearheaded a resurgence in DIY, or DIT (Do It Together), that has not only brought the varied DC scene closer together, but has paved the way for more and more musicians and music fans to try their hand at concert promotion right in the comfort of their very own living room. We sat down with Alex on the back porch of the Paperhaus recently to talk about how he got his start putting on these shows, how he sees this movement growing, and how the DC scene is continuing to amaze.