“Bamboo” - Hinds

Sounds Like:

Low-fi Spanish garage awesomeness

Why You Should Care:

 You can be forgiven for not keeping up with the burgeoning indie scene in Spain; suffice to say Hinds is one of its best exports. The foursome recorded “Bamboo” when they were a duo called Deers, and the feedback they received after posting the tune online convinced them to submit it to a local music competition. They won, and were gifted with a slot at the Make Noise festival Malasana (their first ever show). They recruited two additional members, started touring relentlessly, and released their first full-length, Leave Me Alone, in early January.

They play TONIGHT at U Street Music Hall and it is, deservedly so,  sold the f#$k out. 

Hinds Track: "Bamboo" Album:  Deers Demo     Official Site  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Spotify

Track: "Bamboo"
Album: Deers Demo

Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify

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