Beach Fossils @ 9:30 Club - 10/24/2017


Where did Beach Fossils disappear to? It has been four long years since the band hailing from Brooklyn, New York has released new material for the world to hear. This hiatus led Beach Fossils to create Somersault, their latest most sonically experimental record to date. Since Beach Fossils’ inception, the indie rock band has been no stranger to change, with Dustin Payseur being the sole member remaining from the original group. Along with lead singer and guitarist Dustin Payseur, Beach Fossils is currently a trio consisting of bassist Jack Doyle Smith and guitarist Tommy Davidson. For their first ever stop at the 9:30 Club, Beach Fossils made the most of their set time to perform a gratifying balance of older cuts from their discography and songs from their newest album.

Somersault was heavily favored in the setlist with songs such as “Saint Ivy,”  “Sugar,”  “Closer Everywhere,” and “Be Nothing” initiating crooning and a soft sway amongst the crowd. The way in which Dustin Payseur’s vocals floated over the band’s instrumentals throughout the show played a huge role in sustaining the warm vibe effortlessly set by Beach Fossils’ music. Throughout the duration of the Beach Fossils’ set were the small, non-violent but nevertheless energetic mosh pits incited by older fan favorites. In particular “Face It” and “Daydream” from their previous albums Beach Fossils and What a Pleasure, respectively.

Overall, Beach Fossils put on a blast of a show. At one point Beach Fossils used their set time to throw actual apples and oranges to their fans. At another point, Tommy Davidson joked with the crowd that if he lived in Washington, D.C. and owned a restaurant, there’d be a sandwich called the “9:30 Club” makes after the venue which caused a steady roar of laughter. Small gestures such as these made Beach Fossils even more likeable and added an extra touch of fun to the night:

Raener and Snail Mail are opening for Beach Fossils on this tour and both have released albums this year. Raener’s have you been here before and Snail Mail’s Snail Mail on Audiotree Live are both available now.


Photos by Avery Junius
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