Best Of 2014: The Lists - Paul's Picks

You’ve heard our Best Of 2014 podcast, now here’s the breakdown of 2014, list style, as ChunkyGlasses co-founder Paul saw it.  Paul is a man of many opinions (we’ll let you be the judge of how good they are #sickburn), but most of all he’s a man with impeccable taste in music. No genre escaped Paul’s scrutiny this year, so if you’re looking for eclectic redefined look no further than the picks we present to you now. 

St. Vincent
St. Vincent

Flying Lotus
You’re Dead!

The War on Drugs
Lost in the Dream

FKA Twigs

Leonard Cohen
Popular Problems

Under Color of
Official Right

Against Me!
Dysphoria Blues

Lykke Li
I Never Learn

White Lung
Deep Fantasy

A Sunny Day in Glasgow
Sea When Absent

Sharon Van Etten
Are We There?

Run the Jewels
Run the Jewels 2

Roadkill Ghost Choir
In Tongues

The Future’s Void

Jolie Holland
Wine Dark Sea