Black Marble - "A Great Design"

SOUNDS LIKE: OMD, John Maus, Joy Division, Twin Shadow
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: 1980s synthpop hasn't sound this good since ... well, the 80s!

Fact: bands are nostalgic and wear their influences on their sleeves, sleeves of shirts and sleeves of LPs.  Over the past few years so many bands have clearly done their best to replicate the best in 1980s synthpop, and one might think it’d be tiring by now, but it’s not.  And from the sounds of Black Marble, they’re here to keep it in the forefront of our minds.

On new single “A Great Design”, the synths percolate.  Like John Maus and Ian Curtis before them, the vocals here are as deep as the coldwave genre lets them be, finding themselves buried under slabs of synths and bass lines that would make Peter Hook blush.  The song keeps you entranced, and when you think it might burst like a star in the night sky it doesn’t, instead opting to just keep the pace building and building.

A key lyric would be, “and they tell me I don’t have a long time to change your mind”.  If the 80s nostalgia fest doesn’t stay forever, that could be true, but at least these guys will be here to remind you of it in the now.