Caroline Rose @ Miracle Theatre - 11/17/2018

The Caroline Rose you knew in 2014 isn't around to answer your questions. That alt-country-tinged and somewhat serious sound that defined her Tiny Desk Concert, slide guitar and all, gave way to her most authentic self: rambunctious and snarky as hell. Even the lyrics of “I’ve Got Soul” from her Tiny Desk Concert performance were completely reworked, becoming “Soul No. 5” to fit the new-look Rose (who is decked out in all red and hilariously smoking a bundle of cigarettes on the cover of her sophomore album Loner). And the stage at the Miracle Theatre? All red everything, a dilapidated Elmo pinata in the back, and a yule log playing on the projector behind them. And to top it all off, Rose and company performed in matching Kum & Go shirts after a fan threw them on stage. This is the version of Rose that she always wanted the world to see - youthful, defiant, rocking, and rolling.

Caroline Rose at Miracle Theatre (Photo by Mauricio Castro /  @themauricio )

Caroline Rose at Miracle Theatre (Photo by Mauricio Castro / @themauricio)

The show kicked off with a welcome distraction on stage: Opening band And the Kids, who had been planning to prank Rose all tour, unleashed their chihuahua onto the scene as fans crouched down to pet the undoubtedly confused dog as Rose opened with “To Die Today.” The chihuahua was quickly scooped away after the first song, just in time for Rose to come alive. Her knack for crafting songs that evoke a wide spectrum of emotions is impeccable. She and her band went into full-on kinetic mode for the surf rock-inspired songs "Bikini" and "Soul No. 5," songs that easily lampoon toxic masculinity and catcalling in sarcastic and exciting fashion.

You can't stop Rose in these moments - she swings around wildly, tears away at her guitar while kneeling on the ground, and looks like she’s having just plain fun. She also got to display her serious side like on the previously-mentioned “To Die Today” and set closer “Animal.” But she also brought a lot of smiles back by breaking out a kazoo solo in the middle of “Money” and busting out a scarily spot-on cover of Britney Spears’s “Toxic.” Rose is completely dedicated to the craft, and her dark, sarcastic, and humorous personality stood out to create an unforgettable show for fans.

Opening for Caroline Rose were Massachusetts-based folk/rock group And The Kids. Their latest release is the single “Champagne Ladies” (whose cover stars their chihuahua who stole the show at the start of Rose's set) via Signature Sounds Recordings.

Photos by Mauricio Castro

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