Carrie's Top 10 Of 2012 (So Far)

Yes that's a Yeti. From Kentucky. Who is out of bourbon. And not happy about it.

Carrie is also from Kentucky. And out of bourbon. And she's not happy about it.

These things may or may not be related. While you ponder that fact,please consider what Carrie considers to be the best albums of the year so far.

#1 Alabama Shakes - Boys & Girls

Barely edges out Japandroids for top spot just for sheer honors student well-roundedness.  This thing has a bit of everything, from soul to blues to rock, all iced up with Brittany Howard's ZOMG vocals.

#2 Japandroids - Celebration Rock

If you want a soundtrack for some mayhem, then done and done, son.  Starts with fireworks, ends with fireworks, and everything in the gooey half-cooked center is pure face-annihilating gold.

#3 Cold Specks - I Predict a Graceful Expulsion

Al Spx should just change her name to “The Shit,” because she is after this debut album.

#4 Beach House - Bloom

Critics snark This is just Teen Dream II, but I am totally cool with that.  Bloom delivers all the release and anthemic energy that Sigur Ros forgot and let blow off the roof of their car on Valtari.

#5 Sara Watkins - Sun Midnight Sun

Two-thirds of Nickel Creek = One whole lot of awesome.  Her voice is so gorgeous and pure it makes me tear up a little, like watching a toddler hold a kitten on the internet.

#6 Walkmen - Heaven

Don’t really care that they all got married and had babies and got sort of boring - the five songs I absolutely love on this album are strong enough to help me ignore the ones I think kinda suck.

#7 La Sera - Sees the Light

Ass-whuppin’ red-headed bass player with a voice that covers close to three octaves?  Makes me happy to have ears.

#8 Nick Waterhouse -  Time’s All Gone

Everything on the album was recorded on equipment from the 1950’s and 60’s, and it’s just brilliant.  I’m praying that next time I see him live, he’ll actually growl.

#9 Father John Misty - Fear Fun

Who couldn’t love the shit out of this?  When the harmonics start up in “Long to Feel Your Arms Around Me” I throw panties at my stereo just to stay in practice for when he comes back to D.C.

#10 Lower Dens - Nootropics

It’s a Yo La Tengo/Interpol baby! (Matador-label Interpol, not that Capitol Records shit).  It’s entirely possible that Cat Power or Other Lives snuck in there as milkman alternative daddies.


Honorable Mentions:

Andrew Bird - Break It Yourself

This was in the top ten until I saw his fantastically lush and full live show, and now I like the studio versions of these songs less.  I’m pretty sure Mr. Bird won’t lose any sleep over my demoting his fluttery self right on out of the top 10.

Punch Brothers - Who’s Feeling Young Now? 

I am a sucker for banjos and handsome beardy men in vintage suits.  And mandolins.  And, apparently, Radiohead covers.  Ahhhhhhh.