Cruel Summer - "Silent Star"

Cruel Summer Track: "Silent Star" Album:  ST/EP    Official Site  |  Facebook

Cruel Summer
Track: "Silent Star"
Album: ST/EP

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Sounds Like: Slowdive, Ride, Helium

Why You Should Care: Adding to the vibrant garage and psych scene of the
Bay Area, Cruel Summer aims to throw some much needed shoegaze to the mix.

Martin Whitehead, head of Subway Records, looks back fondly at the C86 compilation as the doorway to girl-fronted bands in the indie-rock scene. As of today, women as frontwomen have become less of a fad into a standard for indie-rock. Cruel Summer, the San Francisco shoegaze quartet, takes full advantage of the success of C86 by adding their own jangle-entwined pop to the Bay Area scene. “Silent Star”, a standout from their debut EP, exercises frontwoman Thia Chacamaty’s vocals ranging from a Morrissey croon to melancholy moan not unlike Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser.  Guitarist Josh Yule’s guitar blends with Chacamaty’s croon similar to the simmering riffs Martin Newell (of Cleaners from Venus fame) is so fond of.

What makes “Silent Star” stand out is the emotion portrayed in Chacamaty’s voice. The vocals give way to a drenching of feedback sounding ominous yet positive at the same time before disappearing in clean reverb.

Cruel Summer’s self-titled EP is out now on mtnstmtn Records.