Daily Listen - Best of Year (so far) Edition: Wye Oak - Holy Holy

Since we've seen fit to unleash our top 10 albums of the year (so far) upon the masses it seems only fitting that we start looking at the best SONGS of the year. A full list is going to come next week, but we'll tell you right now, that this one is at the top. When you think Wye Oak, the last thing you think is a pop breakdown, especially after a mess of discordant distorted guitar, but that's exactly what you get with this track off of Civilian.

Wasner and Stack's song writing skills have never been in question, but here, with this song, it's time to start questioning whether the pair in fact are not musical geniuses. The payoff in this song is so good, and so unexpected, that the only thing left to do after hearing it is pick your jaw up off of the floor, hit rewind, and do it all over again. It's a mother of a song from a mother of an album, from a mother of a band, and all we really can say about this year in Wye Oak is that we gladly bow before our new sonic overlords.


Wye Oak - Holy Holy


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