Daily Listen - Blitzen Trapper - War On Machines

Blitzen Trapper has a new record coming out September 23 (f@#@ yea!!) and our sources tell us that American Goldwing may in fact be the best thing the band has ever done. This should come as no surprise though as almost everything, in our estimation at least, is the best thing they've ever done. Trapper is a band that has never really made misstep in the entirety of their career, and we don't expect them to now. With 3, soon to be 4, Sub-Pop albums under their belt, the band is doing something that a lot of other bands seem to have forgot about these days: they consistently make music. It seems like it's not a year without a Blitzen Trapper record, and that level of prolificness is what being a musician is what it's supposed to be all about my friends.

This track from 2008's Furr, is a perfect example of how the band has learned to maintain the over the top psychedelic freak out sound of their younger days, and still wrap it in, well, a Trappernes, that turns it into a perfect little rock song. Their blend of garage rock urgency and earnest folkitude certainly isn't anything new, but you've rarely, if ever, heard it done quite this well. 

Blitzen Trapper - War On Machines

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