Daily Listen: Caveman - "My Room"

Sometimes you get lucky.

In this case, REAL lucky.

The opening band slot can be hit or miss. Sometimes it's a truly fantastic band that you wouldn't have heard of otherwise, and sometimes it's a truly bummer of an experience that is just tacked on to give the audience a little something extra for their money.

On Friday, lucky us, the opener for The War On Drugs Friday (review coming soon) was the former. It was a sold out show at The Red Palace, but nobody was coming upstairs at that point. So Caveman proceded to play their fan-f@#king-tastic set to a little over half full room. But that will likely be the last time that happens. 

Staking claim to much the same territory as Midlake did on 2006's The Trials of Van Occupanther, this band from New York City owes as much of it's sound  to 70's legends like Fleetwood Mac or America as it does to Bjork and Radiohead.

If that combo sounds bizzare, then you need to expand your imagination a bit, because as strange as it may be, it works perfectly. And when you take that sound and marry it with some damn good songwriting,well...you'll just have to take our word for it that the results are some of the most exciting music we've heard all year.

Caveman's debut album, Coco Beware, will be released digitally on September 13, but you can check out the first single from the album right now to hold you over till then. 

It's been great year for music already, but if this band is any indication, the biggest surprises may still be yet to come.

Caveman - "My Room"

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