Daily Listen: Don Henley - "Sunset Grill"

Greetings from Bar Harbor! Land of otters, lobsters and no music!

Actually, I take that back. There is music here, it's just a couple decades behind the rest of the world. Which makes sense what with being a fairly isolated harbor town that is clearly exists only to satisfy the needs of their lobster overlords.

I kid. I kid. 

It's actually quite gorgeous here, but as expected, the radio dial seems to be stuck somewhere between 1982 and 1989, so why not explore that time period when established musicians made, um, intersting choices, and none so interesting as Don Henley. Only his choices actully work. Because he's Don f@#@ing Henley.

"Sunset Grill" is a song ripe with musical cliches (emotive fretless bass? CHECK! Swelling synths? DOUBLE CHECK!) but at the end of the day it's a song about what it means to be a little older and wondering if you're really satisfied. What makes you happy just living life?

In Bar Harbor it seems that question is probably asked a lot, but looking around, it seems that most of the folks here might have the answer. Good beer, good friends in an idyllic village set against the Maine coastline? Are you serious?

"What would we do without all these jerks, anyways" indeed.

Don Henley - "Sunset Grill"