Daily Listen: Fools Gold - "Wild Window"

I keep telling everyone that the 80's is coming back this year and HARD, but despite the evidence to the contrary,nobody seems to believe me. But that's OK because the Las Angeles band Fools Gold certainly believes me so that's really all of the validation I really need.

Look, you can call it indi-pop, synth-dance-chill-wave, or whatever fairly meaningless label you'd like to apply to a good portion of the music being created by newer bands today. It all sounds like 1987 to me and that's not a bad thing. People like to make fun of 80's music, and sure there was some really bad music being made, but there was also some inspired music being created that drew from influences that spanned the globe.

Fools Gold would have fallen into this latter category, pulling from deep into the 80's catalog, while at the same time having a little unidentifiable something "extra" in their that makes their music not only ridiculously listenable but smart.

Says co-founder Lewis Pesacov: "I grew up listening to music from the Caribbean and Africa, as well as 60's soul and blues. When we first started Fool's Gold, Luke and I were fascinated by the similar musical thread stitched through all of these different sounds.  As we went deeper, we realized that we also shared many other musical influences from growing up with older siblings in LA during the late 80's/early 90's -- the sound of synth-based English new wave. I started to realize that there was a serious overlap in the Venn diagram of the guitar tones and playing styles of my favorite Malian or Congolese guitar players and that of Johnny Marr or Robert Smith."

But enough words. Check out the bands first video from Leave No Trace below.

You dig? Good. Because Fools Gold plays the backstage at The Black Cat tonight with AM & Shawn Lee and Static of the Gods. They're the middle band which means get there a little early. We're expecting that it should be a great set as they are fresh off of their performance at ACL, which was one of the most talked about of the festival. So get ready to get a little retro and we'll see you at the show!

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