Daily Listen: Joe Walsh - "Turn To Stone"

Blitzen Trapper's American Goldwing is out TODAY and we're taking the opportunity this week to explore some of the history that clearly went into the making of that album.

Today's lesson comes to you from one Joe Walsh. Before he joined The Eagles and toned it down a little bit, Walsh was a wee bit of a shredder. In fact, Walsh's music was pretty much what the 70's were all about. Simple riffs. Epic Guitar solos. Moustaches. 

His influence is strong on Goldwing, especially on tracks like "Street Fighting Son" and "Fletcher". But in usual fashion, the Trapper boys some how manage to take something that was already awesome, and make it their own. 

Don't take my word for it though. Experience Walsh at his ass-rocky (I mean that lovingly) best in the clip below.