Daily Listen: Luke Temple - "How Could I Lie"

Full disclosure: We've sorta fallen in love with Luke Temple's new album Don't Act Like You Don't Care (released on Tuesday) here. So any chance we get to share a piece of it with you, well by gum, that's what we're going to do.

Temple's main project is a band you might have heard of called Here We Go Magic, but this isn't that.

This is Temple's fairly remarkable voice stripped down and paired with some gorgeous folk acoustics and maybe a group sing-a-long or two. And while it may have been recorded very early in his career (it's apparently been in the "can" for a while now) you wouldn't be able to tell. Hitting all the right marks at all the right moments, it is a charmingly simple record that does nothing less than satisfy for the duration of it's runtime. 

As we slip into Fall, this record is going to be getting a lot of play here ChunkyGlasses headquarters. We'll have a full review of the album up this weekend to convince you that this is a must buy, but until then take a listen to this, one of the strongest tracks on the record, and maybe you won't need our convincing.

Luke Temple - "How Could I Lie"

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