Daily Listen: Lydia Loveless - "Do Right"

Lock up your whiskey and hide your sons folks, cuz Lydia Loveless is coming for both. This 21 year old Ohio native has a bite the the size of Texas, and if her latest collection of songs, Indestructible Machine, is any indication, there's nothing that is going to stand in this fireball's way. Call it country rock, alt-country, cow-punk...call it whatever you like. Nothing can adequately describe the energy that crackles forth out of  Loveless's whiskey soaked tales of bad relationships and even worse hangovers, but suffice to say this is some of the best rock you're likely to hear all year

To paraphrase a comment Paul made after hearing Loveless, when you're done listening to Indestructible Machine, you don't know whether Loveless is going to get drunk with everyone, f@#@ everyone, start a fight with everyone, or all of the above. That's about as well as anyone is likely to describe Loveless's music, so we're best to just leave it at. So break out your whiskey, put your s!@# kickers on, and let's get this musical bar brawl going!

Lydia Loveless - Do Right

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