Daily Listen: Megafaun - "Real Slow"

I don't know about you, but the first thing that runs through my head when I wake up most Monday mornings is "Dammit, I didn't get enough psychedelic rock in my weekend". Luckily, the band Megafaun is here to help solve that problem. Hailing from North Carolina and having the distinction of being one of Justin Vernon's (aka Bon Iver) old bands, Megafaun generally mixes some pretty smart pop sensibilites with the drugged out sound of 1969 San Francisco. On this track, the opener from their new self-titled record out tomorrow, the band actually disappears for a while into some dark corner of Workingman's Dead and delivers some of the best Grateuful Dead inspired music done right in a very long time.

Megafaun will be touring behind the new album and is making a stop at DC's own The Red Palace THIS FRIDAY! So do the groovy thing everyone, and get your tickets now.

Megafaun - "Real Slow"

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