Daily Listen: Newport Folk Festival Preview - Felice Brothers

We're headed to the legendary Newport Folk Festival this year and are going to be taking this week to offer a preview of some of the artists that will be performing there this weekend. While we won't be matching the insane coverage that NPR will be providing (streaming HD, insane 18.1 audio! SOUL-CAMS!) I'd like to think that for those who aren't able to be there we'll be providing a smaller, more personal version of the festival, so stay tuned for more information in the coming days. 

First up for our featured bands, we've got the Felice Brothers. I've talked about this band before and they're one of my favorites. Mixing punk, traditiona folk and David Lynch, this band is a must see for us this weekend and the track "Whiskey In My Whiskey" is one of the main reasons why.

The Felice Brothers - Whiskey In My Whiskey

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