Daily Listen (s): The Third Stage Thesis - Part 4: Cool The Engines

Full disclosure: Today is my birthday, and while I generally get to do anything I want to do with the site, today I REALLY get to let loose. What you're about to read (or not) is reprinted in part from some emails I've been sending around for years. I have a problem with Boston's Third Stage you see. The problem is that it's the most ridiculously asstastically awesome of all time. In fact it my be the very "heart of rock and roll" that Huey Lewis and his News spoke of. On the surface, it's a work that will shatter your eardrums and hail the vileist of minions from the pits of hell...like all rock shoud. Look a little closer though and you'll find that it is in fact a work of great tenderness that is overflowing with teachable moments. What those moments are, I still haven't quite figured out, but maybe we can all work through this together to find some sort of enlightenment...in Boston....in Third Stage!

And now I give the official ChunkyGlasses album breakdown otherwise known as THE THIRD STAGE THESIS!


I'll just lay it out like this. It's hard being a man. You want to be free. I mean, these ladies are cool and all but in the end they're just draggin us down man. And there's SO many of them. What's a guy to do?


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Part Four: Cool The Engines

WHOA LADY! All this doin' it is FANFUCKINGTASTIC, but we gotta take a break...for real and maybe METAPHORICALLY (blew your mind a little bit there, didn't I).

It's unclear what exactly is going on here. Is our narrator scared of what HIS OWN HEART is telling him or is he just suffering from a, um, quick trigger. Either way it's clear our hero is still unwilling to lose himself in this lady, so circling back to Amanda, maybe he in fact took himself by surprise. I know. Blew your mind again.



Boston - Cool The Engines (from the book of Third Stage, Chapter 4)