Daily Listen: The Raspberries - "Tonight"

Raise your hand if you love Dirty Dancing. Oh, come on. Don't be ashamed. It's not one of the biggest movies of all time for nothing. In fact one of those reasons was the music. Taking the worst best of the 80's and jamming it in there with some old-timey classics was a genius way to get the songs of Patrick Swayze into the public consciousness.

But there was also the mega-hit "Hungry Eyes" by Eric Carmen. It went to #4 on the charts in 1987 and stayed there for a good while. That meant something back then...I think. But Carmen had a career long before assing up the airwaves providing the soundtrack to millions of people's Summer and let me tell you, it was groovy.

Carmen originally came to fame with his band The Raspberries. Formed in 1970 in Mentor, OH, the band rode the wave of all things groovy that the decade is known for. And while they never quite reached the assy commercial heights of bands like Boston, it wasn't for lack of trying.

The track "Tonight" comes from their third album, Side 3, and packs everything that made 70's rock so good, including a sequined jumpsuit, into a compact, 3 minute and 41 second package. It's triumphant, drenched in the ghost of excess, and is the perfect track to listen to on repeat today as you sit with your lava lamp and tapestries and wonder to yourself "Where have all the groovy times gone?"

The Rasberries - "Tonight"

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