Daily Listen: The Replacements - Shutup

Sometimes we here at ChunkyGlasses get mighty busy.  It might be because we're working on another Bon Iver length review, or maybe we're at a show, or it might be that we got tied up listening to a fantastic upcoming new album by one of our favorite bands over, and over, and over.... 

The point is, it happens. And when that happens, sometimes the Daily Listen suffers. In these situations the best we can do is just open up the iTunes, hit shuffle and go with the first thing that comes up, which can be extremely dangerous if your talking about my collection. Today though, you are in luck, be my collection loves us and has picked this track by the Replacements. Since all Replacements songs basically beat everything, today, we are ALL winners. And I didn't even have to hit the "genius" button.

The Replacements - Shutp