Daily Listen - The Rosebuds - Come Visit Me

Why hello there 1987! It's been a long time!

Hailing from North Carolina, The Rosebuds have been around for a little while, but they've never quite tapped into their inner 80's as effectively as they do here. Stealing a page right from Blondie, this track would have easily made the Top 20 on Z100 of my middle school days, yet somehow here, today, it sounds not only fresh but, gasp, relevent. The band's new album, Loud Planes Fly Low, was written during the tumoil of leads Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp's divorce, and you can hear those struggles in the songs. But rather than get mired in the depressing drone of misery that you would expect, the songs are suprisingly catchy, entirely danceable, and collectively make up one of the best albums released so far this year. This track is just a taste, so be warned...you will get hooked.

The Rosebuds - Come Visit Me

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