No, we didn't go. NYC is a long way to travel on a "school night", even if Radiohead happens to be playing an impossibly small/intimate venue for a band their size. And we're not bitter.*

That being said, it's OK, because we're living in the FUTURE folks. A future where we all have hi-def video cameras in our freaking PHONES, and if you put all of the video shot last night from those phones you can be sure that it would be just like being there...minus the awesome I mean.

We're sure you superfans are going to comb through each and every tiny corner of the internets until you find them all, and that's all you guys. We'll get you started though with this video shot by the good people over at BrooklynVegan, who apparently (and expectedly) all up in Radiohead's face for the benefit of us all.

Radiohead - Reckoner (Live @ Roseland Ballroom)

 *We actually HAD tickets pulled up (amazingly) and chose otherwise. Crazy I know but Radiohead don't pay the bills people.