Dirty Ghosts - "Shout It In"

When someone says the words "dance pop" to me I tend to cringe a little. It's not that I don't find much of it enjoyable, and it's not that it's a style of music without its merits. It's just that, for the most part, there's very little meat on dem booty shaking bones. What's left is a highly enjoyable, but highly disposable, sugary snack that, despite what Twinkie's would lead you to believe, have a very short shelf life.

Like I said...for the most part

On their debut album, Metal Moon, San Francisco's Dirty Ghosts have made a hearty stew of dance, rock (with a capital "R") and revisionist pop that manages to not only satisfy, but sticks with you long after your earholes have stopped ringing. 

Metal Moon will be released into the world via Last Gang Records on February 27th (Long time...I KNOW!) but we've got "Shout It In", the first single from the band for you to stream/download right now. 

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