"Drag Me Down" - Weaves

Sounds like:

Not One Direction, that’s for sure.

Why You Should Care:

Toronto’s Weaves may be responsible for bringing down not one but two giants of the music industry. They were asked to cover this One Direction song for a compilation to be released by RDIO. Right after recording it, RDIO declared bankruptcy and was gone. Not long after that, so was One Direction.

"It might seem like a strange choice, but we are obsessed with pop songs and strong hooks," said Weaves’ Jasmyn Burke. "So the challenge was not so much changing everything about the song, but elevating certain parts and adding our own touch so a song meant to appeal to teenage girls would in fact sound like a new Weaves tune." It also wouldn’t out of place on an album by Dirty Projectors, or Ween which, suffice to say, makes it better than your average One Direction tune.

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Track: "Drag me Down"

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