Episode 124: Sara Curtin

This week on the podcast we’re talking to Washington, DC’s Sara Curtin! For years she’s been wowing audiences as one half of The Sweater Set, and more recently singing backup DC’s “supergroup” Justin Jones and the B-Sides, but now it’s time for Sara to stun on her own…again. Michigan Lilium, out July 24th, is Sara’s second solo album and in advance of her release show in New York City on July 17th, Kevin sat down with the illustrious singer/songwriter to talk about singing, family, cats, the DC scene, and, most importantly her fantastically adventurous and sublime new record.

Whether you’re just discovering Sara Curtin’s music or are a longtime fan, this is a chat you’re not going to want to miss on Episode 124 of ChunkyGlasses: The Podcast!

Show Notes

Sara Curtain [Solo]

The Sweater Set [Sara Curtin and Maureen Andary]

Watch Sara Curtin's videos for "Summer" / Listen to the single "V Day", both off of her upcoming album Michigan Lilium, below.