Episode 140: Joanna Newsom - Divers / Protomartyr - The Agent Intellect

This week on the podcast we’re talking Prinstagram, harps, and darkness from the Motor City. First up, Prince takes to teh internets yet again, launching is very own feed on Instagram. Is it the treasure trove of insight into his purple paradise or just a honey-pot to lure us all in before striking us all down D.M.C.A. style?

Next up: Joanna Newsom is back and garnering widespread acclaim with Divers, her most accessible album yet – but can it convert two self-avowed Newsom cynics? Then: The darkness runs deep with Protomartyr on their latest LP, The Agent Intellect, and so do our feels – but does it satisfy Paul’s need for maximum rock and roll? All of this plus a lush new track from DC folksters Luray as we dive face first back into the album talk on Episode 140 of ChunkyGlasses: THE PODCAST!  

Show Notes

The Fragile Ears of Men - Why are male critics so bothered by Joanna Newsom? [The Awl]

Eduardo's Hot Takes on Joanna Newsom [PDF]

Learn more about Luray
Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

Check out the title track from Luray's upcoming EP, Sandcastle Man, below


Joanna Newsom

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Paul: Buy It
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Official Site | Facebook 

The Agent Intellect

Kevin: Stream It
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