Episode 145: Best of DC 2015

The end is nigh! The end of the year that is. This week on the podcast we’re kicking off our year-end closeout with a mega-sized wrap up of all that 2015 was here in our hometown of Washington, DC.

Joined by Paul Vodra (Hometown Sounds), Bryce Taylor Rudow (Random Nerds) and Quinn Meyers (WRGW radio/ATB), Kevin and the gang take a look at some of the bands that moved them the most in 2015, flashback to 2014 to see how far we’ve come, and look forward to the future of what is fast becoming one of the most vibrant, diverse, and essential music scenes in the country.

Featured Artists

Gauche - Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter  

Baebo Baggins - Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Twitter  

Louis Weeks - Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

Stronger Sex - Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter  

Sitcom - Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | 

Seaknuckle - Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter 

K.A.A.N. - Soundcloud | Twitter 

The North Country - Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

Beauty Pill - Official Site | Facebook | Twitter