Episode 235: Naseem Khuri of Kingsley Flood

Kingsley Flood frontman Naseem Khuri has built his career writing songs about social injustice and the importance of sticking up for the "little guy"

On their latest album, Another Other, he's turning his observational acumen inwards to explore not just how we relate to others, but, more importantly, why.

Khuri joined us in the basement a week before America's historic election to talk about the new album, writing introspectively versus observationally, the band's upcoming LP release show in Washington, DC on 11/19, and much, much more. 

Upcoming Tour Dates

Show Notes

  • Kingsley Flood plays the Rock & Roll hotel in Washington, DC on 11/19. Get your tickets HERE

  • Listen to "The Bridge" off of Kingsley Flood's latest album, Another Other, below.

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