Episode 242: Podjam - State Of The Union 2016

In our final regular podcast of 2016, we're enlisting Paul Vodra (Hometown Sounds), Joe Lapan (Owner, Songbyrd Music House), and Marcus Dowling (Pitchfork, Bandcamp) to work through the year that was here in our hometown of Washington, DC, take a look at the "big picture", and much, Much more. 

PLUS: Thoughts on the tragedy of the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland, CA. What can we do to help, and what can we do to try and make sure this doesn't happen again. 

Show Notes

  • Ways to help with the Ghost Ship tragedy in Oakland:
    • Donate to the Oakland Fire Relief [link]
    • Donate to the Fire Relief Fund for Victims of Ghostship Oakland Fire [link]
  • Thinking about running a DIY venue? Safety First! Here's your checklist in progress [link]