Episode 413: Garcia Peoples' "Natural Facts" PLUS New-To-You Music from Phil Cook

On their second full length, Natural Facts, New Jersey’s Garcia Peoples are doubling down on everything that made 2018’s Cosmic Cash such a blast. Double the fuzz. Double the vibes. And, most importantly, double the fun, Natural Facts is the sound of a band cashing the advance on their future as rock and roll legends.

PLUS! Phil Cook released a surprise collection of unreleased/out-of-print sonic vignettes that gets not just to the heart of the music he has made, but the roots and inspiration behind it. As Far As I Can See: Instrumental Recordings 2009-2019 is a record you need in your life, and we’re spinning a track off of it to make sure you know why.


Natural Facts
Garcia Peoples

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Show Notes

  • Get to know Phil Cook!
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  • Check out Phil Cook’s “Frazee, MN” off of his latest LP, As Far As I Can See: Instrumental Recordings 2009-2019.