Episode 50: NUFF SAID

HQ on any given Sunday

HQ on any given Sunday

Many moons have passed since we first hit the airways, but now we find ourselves at our FIFTIETH FREAKING EPISODE? What's in store? Did we have an epic guest? Did we break bad like the most EPIC episode of Behind The Music? DID BOSTON ACTUALLY PLAY THE RAWK BASEMENT??!!!


Kevin, Paul and Andre drank beer. They talked Hall and Oates.

Because #typical

Special thanks to those who have helped us get here / indulged our idiocy:
Aubrey, Madelyn, Justin, Suzie, Valerie, Harris, Carrie, Roddy, THOR, Adam, Rusty, Aaron, and every artist we've interviewed/badgered/embarrassed..On to the next 50...it's only gonna get worse guys. ;)

- Kevin, Paul and Andre