Episode 60: My Darling Fury

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Official Site | Facebook | Twitter

BONUS EPISODE! Richmond, Virginia has always been a hotbed of music activity, and now a new crop of artists is starting to rise up to make their mark on the musical landscape. Leading that charge is My Darling Fury, a four piece whose sound is as much grounded in the vibrant punk and jazz scenes that have flourished there for years as it is in the dreamier sounds of modern indie giants going by names like Sigur Ros and Radiohead.

A few months ago the band stopped by the rawk cave to chat before their debut gig in DC, and now on the eve of their return to the nation’s capital it’s only fitting that we present that conversation to you. So tune in and get to know a band that’s going to be doing very big things in the very near future.

See My Darling Fury THIS SATURDAY at the Rat Palace!