Episode 95: Best Of 2014 - DC Edition

Kicking off our two-part wrap up of the year in music, Quinn, Tori and Paul from Hometown Sounds stop by the basement to shine a light on some of the best music DC had to offer this year. Typefighter, The Cowards Choir, Priests, Seàn Barna, Lauren Calve and more all helped make 2014 one of the best years for DC music in recent memory, and it’s only getting better. So tune in as we play some of our favorite tracks and discuss the past, present and future of the scene we know and love on Episode 95 of ChunkyGlasses: The Podcast – Best of 2014 DC EDITION!   

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Show Notes

LISTS! (in no particular order)

Kevin's Picks

Louis Weeks - shift / away

Black Clouds - Dreamcation

Seàn Barna - Cutter Street

Baby Bry Bry - I Learned To Drown Myself Out Pt. 1

Anthony Pirog - Palo Colorado Dream

Typefighter - The End Of Everything

Lauren Calve - Where The Creek Meets The Tracks

Quinn's  Picks

Typefighter - The End of Everything

Priests - Bodies and Control and Money and Power

Anthony Pirog - Palo Colorado Dream

Chain and the Gang - Minimum Rock n' Roll

Louis Weeks - shift / away

Two Inch Astronaut - Foulbrood

Tori's Picks

Typefighter -The End of Everything

Spoonboy - Marth Split 7" "Free Yr Mind, Square"

Boardroom Hereos - New Wage

Ex Hex - Rips


Paul's (Hometown Sounds) Picks

The Cowards Choir - Cool Currency

Typefighter - The End of Everything

Anthony Pirog - Palo Colorado Dream

BRNDA - Brenda

Bearshark - Canyonlands