Exitmusic - "The Modern Age"

SOUNDS LIKE: Beach House, Lower Dens, Radiohead, Robert Smith's subconcious
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: This Brooklyn duo is creating moody soundscapes worthy of mid 80's Cure that both chill and satisfy in heaping measures

If Victoria LeGrand & Alex Scally of Baltimore's Beach House were brave enough to turn their amps up and go for a cleaner sound that was drizzled in electronics, you would have Brooklyn's Exitmusic.  The latest single from their debut album, Passage, is a clear example of that.  It is a song that wears its influences on its sleeves, its nods to Radiohead down their band name even, but it brings in an actual voice of reason, a voice that makes the song stick.

And it is that warbly, smoky croon of Aleksa Palladino that is the strongest instrument in "The Modern Age", stronger than the the tambourine, the memorable guitar melody.  As she belts out the chorus, the song explodes from a brooding nighttime soundtrack to an early morning run along the beach.  Samplers fire up and off they go, entering the scene at one pier, before hiding behind a lifeguard's stand.  Eventually it all dissipates, leaving nothing but Palladino's silky voice harmonizing alone, facing our modern times. 

Exitmusic recently released a video for "The Modern Age", watch on and get lost in it won't you?