Fellow Creatures - "Séance (SHUKA)"

Sounds Like:

Of Montreal; Grizzly Bear; Talking Heads…from the planet DISCOTRON;

Why You Should Care:

Last year, D.C.’s newest rising stars, Fellow Creatures, quietly released the demo track “Shuka Shuka” to announce their arrival on the scene. Since then, the group, fronted by Will McKindley Ward and Ugly Purple Sweater (RIP)’s Sam McCormally, have been perfecting their craft, spending some time in a freezer, and, it would seem, heading back into the studio.  

What  they came out with is not so much a reworking of that initial demo, but a reshaping into the track to reflect the tighter “band” sound that anyone who has seen Fellow Creatures perform lately has come to expect. Says Fellow Creature Will McKindley-Ward of the recording:

“This song represents a full-on collaborative effort between me and Sam. We both wrote parts and lyrics for five instruments, destroyed, erased, and improved our favorite bits, and rewrote each other's lyrics. Then the band figured out how to play it with four people. It was an up-in-your-business experience, and we're all a bit more honest and trusting of each other as a result. The subject matter reflects the process: a wikihow séance, mechanical and magical, casual and ecstatic. And a bit silly.”

You can hear this track and more this Sunday when Fellow Creatures hits the Backstage at the Black Cat with friends Stranger In The Alps and Rachel Ries. Get your tickets HERE. 

Fellow Creatures  Track: " Séance (SHUKA) " Album:  N/A    Official Site  |  Facebook  |  Twitter

Fellow Creatures
Track: "Séance (SHUKA)"
Album: N/A

Official Site | Facebook | Twitter