Fluffer - "Crusader"

Fluffer Track: "Crusader" Album:  Crusader/Destroyer    Official Site  |  Facebook 

Track: "Crusader"
Album: Crusader/Destroyer

Official Site | Facebook 

Sound Like: A dancier Battles with vocal hooks

Why You Should Care: Dance rock that doesn’t suck  

Fluffer’s new EP Crusader/Destroyer feels like a transition record for the Bloomington by-way-of Cincinnati band; they’ve tamped down and polished their dance beats, upgrading to loud, distorted guitars that were stuck in the background of previous releases.

On the first track, Crusader, the shift is evident. While it begins with an EDM-like beat, the song levels off into an energetic rock track. Still, Fluffer’s sound is absolutely grounded in dance rock – even if their fans are more likely to nod their heads than tap their feet.

Crusader seems to be the stand alone among the rest of the EP – Fluffer commits to one sound and finds their strength in a more traditional rock structure. The rest of the release is a bit more ambitious and scattered. Still, Fluffer takes what they do seriously, and it shows on this release.