FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK: July 23rd - July 29th

Welcome to our weekly guide to shows around DC and beyond. Every Monday, you can look forward too a peek at the upcoming shows that we think are going to be epic, must see's, or something new for you to shove into those ever curious earholes of yours. 


Frank Ocean @ The 9:30 Club
- Frank Ocean's "debut" channelORANGE dropped last week, and was immediately and widely lauded as a masterpiece...because it is. The show is sold out, but you'll probably want to consider selling a kidney or a spleen to find a ticket because this is one perfomance that is going to be sweaty and hot, hot HOT!

Jackson Browne w/Sara Watkins @ Wolf Trap
Jackson Browne is a legend. Sara Watkins is on her way there. Plus you can enjoy a picnic while you rock out to hits like "Running On Empty", "Rosie" and "Take It Easy" under the stars. We'll see ya there!



Iceage w/Dirty Beaches @ The Black Cat
Punk rock straight direct from Copenhagen to your face. RAWK


@JAMMINJAVADOORGAL'S Local Scene feat. Lexie Hayden - Jammin Java
-Support the local scene in one of the best venues around

Rufus Wainwright w/Ingrid Michaelson @ Wolf Trap
- Torch songs, tenor, and just plain awesome. But you probably already new that. 




Theesatisfaction @ The Black Cat
-"Remember when Erykah Badu came out and everyone was like "oh shit!" and then Lauryn Hill came out and everyone was like "oh shit!" and then THEESatisfaction came out and everyone was like "oh shit!"? Yeah."

The Apache Relay w/The Kin @ Jammin Java
Making a quick stop before their Newport Folk Festival debut, this band sits right on the cusp of superstardom, so see them now in an intimate venue with a couple hundred of your closest friends, because they're about to blow up.


Everclear, Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms, Lit and Marcy Playground @ Wolf Trap
 What? It's not like you slept through the 90's. There was life BEFORE Bon Iver guys.  



The Tallest Man On Earth @ The 9:30 Club
SOLD OUT. But you knew that because you bought up all the tickets. If you're lucky enough to get in the door to this one, make sure you take a date, because it might get Garden State style romantical up in there.




Unknown Hinson @ Jammin' Java

The Dan Band @ The 9:30 Club


That's it for this week. Now get out there and put some RAWK in your face.