Foxing / Now, Now @ U Street Music Hall - 5/1/2019

When Now, Now and Foxing brought their co-headlining tour to U St. Music Hall, it was not only a Midwestern indie rock band musical showcase in DC, but also a display of the wide range that the genre itself has. At first glance, the two bands’ music seem to be polar opposites of one another, but in fact their similarities can be found finely interwoven in the steps they take to further themselves from being confined to a genre at all.

Now, Now, an indie rock duo from Minnesota, have been riding on a high from the release of their post-hiatus critically acclaimed album Saved. Foxing, an indie rock band from Missouri, released a new album in the summer of 2018 and before their set in Washington D.C., performed their first Tiny Desk Concert at the NPR offices.

Photos by Anna Moneymaker

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