“Girlfriend” - Christine and the Queens (Feat. DâM-FunK).

Sounds Like:

A strong nod to the 80s with a subversive message

Why You Should Care:

Héloïse Letissier, the singer, songwriter, and dancer behind Christine and the Queens, has taken on raw masculinity with her latest album Chris. Crossing out the remainder of her stage name to reflect this change, “Girlfriend” is one of the most emblematic products of this new persona Letissier has brought to life. Punctuated by DâM-FunK’s G-funk-esque “Chris” call-outs, the song evokes shades of 80s-era R&B/pop while lambasting macho men. In her own words on Genius, she explains that this is her way of fighting back:

“Lions and matadors sway their hips when they come to you. Their shirts are opened on their chest; the muscle gleam under the sunlight, the lips are offered in the warmth of the summer. Their power is mine already. Their violence, I’m going to learn it and then break it down.”

Letissier is re-surfacing sounds of the past, but not completely re-hashing it. Yes, you’ve heard these drum machines and synths before, but probably not as a weapon against toxic masculinity. And if you haven’t seen her perform in person yet, you’re missing out on half the fun. She’ll be performing on November 4th at 9:30 Club (and her other tour dates are listed below) in support of her latest album (and newest persona), Chris.


Christine and the Queens (Feat. DâM-FunK)
Track: "Now"
Album: Chris

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